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At IADC we are passionate about airports. Our professionals have dedicated their careers to the programming, planning and design of airports all over the world.

We support you with design and development of airport infrastructure including terminals, transportation centres and airport cities. Your vision is our guideline.

We are keen on developing and consolidating our client’s vision in a most creative process, where we bring in new ideas, architectural quality, design excellence, technological innovations and engineering traditions.



We offer consulting services for planning and optimisation of airports with a focus on Terminal Planning and Design, Airport Process Optimisation and Management of complex airport projects.

Important objectives of our consulting services are to increase the Passenger Experience as well as Operational Efficiency at your airport. For planning and improvement of airports we use a holistic approach which incorporates the requirements of all internal and external stakeholders.

Through our own research in cooperation with airports and universities on “Airports of the Future” and “Enhancement of the Passenger Experience” we could always incorporate the most modern concepts and ideas into your project.

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“As for the future, the task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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